Local December 15, 2016 | 12:10 pm

Criminalized abortion ‘deeply saddens’ pro-choice group

Santo Domingo.- The head of a major pro-choice group on Thursdaystated "deep sadness and shame" over by the Senate’s approval Wednesdayof the Penal Code, which keeps abortion criminalized.

Profamilia director Magaly Caram appealed to "presidentDanilo Medina’s sensitivity," to veto the legislation.

"The Catholic Church again imposed itsblackmail," the activist said, noting that if the women who suffer rapeand became pregnant were to be their daughters or wives, the legislators, "wouldhave another action and another reaction to Dominican law."

Interviewed on Zol 106FM, Caram said sheregrets that the country remains one of the most backward countries in defense ofwomen’s right to decide about their body and to fight to save their life "Thewoman doesn’t have the right to choose if she wants to bring to the world achild condemned to die shortly after birth."

"The blackmail and pressure from a fewpriests prevailed," she said and hopes that Dominican women willunderstand the value of their vote when choosing the people who represent them.

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