Local November 28, 2017 | 11:42 am

‘Prophet’ roils Dominican Republic’s Catholic Church

V. Masalles. File

Santo Domingo.- Bishop Víctor Masalles on Mon. warned that the African “prophet” TB Joshua exposes the country to a managed “collective hysteria” and since whose “healings” cannot be verified, don’t help the people of faith.

“This man manages an unbridled faith of the people; he arrives, heals and leaves, and leaves everything roiled, but does not necessarily help what is true faith, which is not healing, but committing to the reality of a people,” said Masalles, one of the Catholic Church’s most outspoken prelates.

He noted the Catholic Church’s Ministry of Healing, which for many years led Canadian priest, Emiliano Tardiff, who in his view managed the issue with much balance. “His healing was verified many times, he was very careful not to manage the collective hysteria. The Ministry of Healing must be examined, discerned and verified.”


Masalles said Joshua’s visit and the government’s considerable support “should be clearly explained.”

“That man all he does is manage a feeling that there was healing, everyone comes, there are people who fall, there are cases, I do not know in his case, that there are even scams,” he said, adding that there might be people who can believe they were cured, “this is not usually the case.”

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