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Manolo Tavárez, 28 freedom fighters executed 54 years ago

M. Tavaez

San Jose de las Matas, Dominican Republic.- On December 21, 54 years ago were executed Manolo Tavárez Justo and 28 freedom fighters, who on November 28, 1963, had taken up arms in the mountain villages Las Manaclas and Las Delicias, of San José de Las Matas, Santiago province (orth).

Upon trekking into the mountains, Tavaez warned, “Listen well, gentlemen of reaction, hear this theenemies of the people, enemies of progress: if you make the peaceful struggle of the people impossible, on June 14 you know very well where we will go to the rugged mountains of Quisqueya, and in them we will keep the torch of freedom, of justice, of the spirit of revolution alive, because we will have no alternative but freedom or death.”

Tavarez’s rebellion had its cause; protest the September 25, 1963 coup that toppled the elected president Juan Bosch

The rebels:

Leonte Schott Michel, Alfredo Peralta Michel, Ruben Diaz Moreno, Jesus Antonio (Tony) Barreiro Rijo, Juan Ramon (Monchi) Martinez, Manuel de los Reyes (Reyito) Diaz Herrera, Dr. Federico José Cabrera, Jaime Ricardo Socías, Fernando Arturo (Papito) Ramírez Torres, Carlos Manuel Fondeur, Rubén Alfonso (Fonsito) Marte Aguayo, Caonabo Abel, Antonio (Manchao) Filión and José Daniel Fernández Santos.

Among the few who survived figure the current deputy Fidelio Despradel, Marcelo Bermúdez, Cordero Mitchel, Arias Núñez and José Daniel Ariza.

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