Local January 4, 2018 | 1:13 pm

Judge released dangerous felons on ‘recommendation’

J. Figueroa Agosto. File.

Santo Domingo.-  The employees and managers of the Correctional and Rehabilitation Centers (CCR) in San Cristóbal (south) recommended and provided positive references to the Acting Sentencing Judge Katerine Arlefty Rubio, after which she authorized the release of 57 convicted felons, who had been released in other occasions.

According to a statement by Rubio, most of those released to spend New Year’s holiday with their families are students, teachers, employees and trustees, among other areas of the correctional facilities.

Juan Bautista Familia, convicted in the case of Puerto Rican drug kingpin José David Figueroa Agosto, is a teacher at Najayo jail (south) and was “recommended by the facility to be granted a three-day family permit,” Rubio said in her report to the Judicial Council inspectors.

Of the 23 released with permits from Najayo, 11 were recommended by CCR authorities, including those involved in the Figueroa Agosto case and the Paya, Bani massacre.

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