Local February 20, 2018 | 3:43 pm

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Dominican Republic leader pulls a big oops!

Oops!, Medina

Santo Domingo.- Van Troy Suazo, appointed Mon. by president Danilo Medina as Deputy Youth Minister, is behind bars on a 3-month pretrial detention for allegedly beating his spouse.

Suazo’s designation went viral on the social networks Tues., which prompted the head of state to repeal the executive order containing the appointment.

At 10:30am Presidency spokesman, Roberto Rodríguez Marchena tweeted that the executive order which had appointed Suazo has been repealed.

Bani media report that Peravia province prosecutor Cecilia Báez, of of Gender Violence Victims Care   Unit has announced  that Suazo faces charges of verbal and physical violence against his spouse, who was even beaten with the butt of a gun.

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