Local March 5, 2018 | 12:17 pm

Antinarcotics K-9 agents helped ‘Malecón Cartel’ for years

Santo Domingo.- The “Malecón Cartel,” which operated for years in the country, established tentacles even with Antinarcotics (DNCD) agents to ensure the arrival of cocaine shipped through airports.

This is stated in the file that was presented before the courts against those linked to the use of Antinarcotics resources, with one case occurring in March 11, 2016.

That day a Láser airline flight, arrived at Las Américas airport from Venezuela. In it came one of the many cocaine shipments brought to the country by the “Malecón Cartel,” an organization which alleged operations in Dominican Republic and in other countries in the region.

The drug was brought in the luggage by a Venezuelan, who upon arrival at the terminal entered one of the restrooms where one of the DNCD’s canine handlers (K-9) entered to take her out of the airport.

The details were observed by other agents, and started surveillance against the network.

After leaving the bathroom with the drug wrapped in a bag, Hairo Gonzalez went to the area of ​​ K-9 handlers, in that airport, where he boarded one of the vehicles of the Unit accompanied by the also agent Luis Alberto Calzado.

The agents mission in that occasion was to deliver the drug to the accused Roque Miguel Sanchez Acevedo and Joel Miguel Ozuna Jimenez, who would pick it up in the external cargo area of ​​the airport on instruction from Roberto Saviñón, identified as the organization’s operational arm in the country.

That investigators uncovered the attempted delivery, who seized around 10 kilos of cocaine from the agents and captured the Venezuelan “mule” who brought the drug.

The receivers managed to escape after a persecution, according to the indictment.

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