Local February 17, 2020 | 8:28 am

Scrapped election puts Dominican Republic in a political limbo

J.C. Castaños Guzmán, right

Santo Domingo.- The total and unprecedented suspension of the municipal elections after the failure of the electronic vote in 18 demarcations that account 62% of the electors, leaves the country in a political limbo pending an agreement to reset the date of that polling.

Central Electoral Board president, Julio César Castaños, said the “inconsistencies” were noticed since Saturday night in the voting machines.

“So that these municipal elections are held the same, we are going to initiate a thorough investigation of what happened, why those ballots were not loaded correctly and have led this institution to this moment of standstill.”

Castaños also promised “to the Dominican people, we also ask as much as possible excuses to face all the consequences and municipal elections are suspended from this moment throughout the country.”

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