Local August 28, 2020 | 8:18 am

Official: 115,000 PCR tests for COVID-19 imminent

Santo Domingo.-  Public Health Minister, Plutarco Arias, on Thursday said that in the next few hours 115,000 PCR tests will be available to speed up COVID-19 sampling and tracking work nationwide.

The official made the statement after visiting Doctor Defilló National Laboratory, where he met with his managers to assess the situation with a view to optimizing conditions, reducing weaknesses and difficulties created by the pandemic, among other factors.

Arias affirmed that all measures will be taken to expedite the Customs retrieval of 115,000 Polymeric Chain Reaction tests or PCR, in two different batches, so that he foresaw the possibility that they will be available in the next few hours.

“We promised to send this amount and this week they will be received and will be available immediately. In addition, another 100,000 have already been requested and will arrive soon for those who require it, so that it can be quickly determined if our patients are positive or not through a PCR.”

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