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As of September 4th a new RD $ 2,000 bill has begun circulating in Dominican Republic

New 2000 peso bill in the Dominican Republic

It will have a new security thread and the 2019 series


Santo Domingo, DR


The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD) informs that as of September 4, 2020, an RD $ 2,000 bill, 2019 series, will circulate, which will contain a new security thread.

The institution indicates that this bill contains the same security features as the 2,000 Dominican peso bills currently in circulation, which will maintain their liberating force for the payment of all public and private obligations.

It also indicates that this note is issued by virtue of the provisions contained in Articles 228, 229, and 230 of the Constitution of the Dominican Republic and Article 25, literals a) and c) of the Monetary and Financial Law No. 183- 02.

The BCRD recalls that the security measures on the banknotes are:

Security thread: it changes color from green to blue which has a droplet effect and gives the sensation of undulating sand; This thread can be combined with the isotype of the institutional visual identity.

Year of printing: located at the bottom of the front of the banknote, it allows us to identify the series to which it belongs, that is, in which year it was manufactured.

Also, Mark for the blind more accentuated: geometric figure in high relief located on the edge of the upper left corner.

Watermark: the image of the patrician Juan Pablo Duarte that can be seen when exposing the banknote to the light. Duarte is incorporated in the mass of the paper, accompanied by the value of the denomination “2000”, vertically and to its right. Behind Duarte’s image, you can see the figure of a semicircle, made up of many points or pixels.

Isotype with the visual identity of the BCRD: accompanied by the value of the denomination in numerical characters, which change from green to blue, printed with variable magnetic ink that presents a droplet effect and gives the sensation of undulating sand.

The security measures are completed with a latent image, the small inverted lines forming an engraving with the initials “BCRD”. It can be seen when the banknote is viewed at a certain angle, with the help of light.

It will have a horizontal numbering: identification number of each ticket, located on the upper left side, next to the mark for the blind. This numbering is equal to the vertical numbering.

In the micro prints there are inscriptions in very small letters, which at first glance seem a full line, but with the help of a magnifying glass or magnifying glass can be appreciated and in the vertical numbering there is an identification number of each banknote, located on the right side. This numbering must be equal to the horizontal numbering.

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