Local January 19, 2021 | 12:13 pm

Colleague says cabinet official sexually assaulted her

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD) director Leonardo Faña, is being accused of sexual assault by the financial manager of that agency, after an incident that occurred early January.

The accusation against Faña is contained in a provisional protection order for María Isabel Flores Encarnación.

The Attention Unit for Victims of Violence of the National District is in charge of the complaint, El Nuevo Diario reports.

It indicates that on January 4, the head of the IAD allegedly, summoned Flores to a private meeting to discuss labor issues, which was scheduled for five in the afternoon, then at two and finally at nine in the morning.

“When she comes to, the accused Leonardo Antonio Faña Batista is kissing her, fondling her, and again she loses strength and consciousness, coming to herself again, in Jumbo Luperón, in the parking lot of Las Praderas, Distrito National, there the defendant had given her tongue, in different parts, touching her breasts and other intimate internal places, kissing her, touching her again everywhere, the victim ran away terrified.”

The complaint also indicates that Faña allegedly “gave her a meal and gave her a kind of wine to drink, which the aggressor had in his vehicle, which after being ingested by the victim caused the victim to lose consciousness and strength, regaining consciousness again on the Juan Pablo Duarte avenue, when they were already returning from Bonao, to Santo Domingo.”

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