Local February 25, 2021 | 2:04 pm

There is still no news of Dominicans kidnapped in Haiti

The Minister of Defense of the Dominican Republic, Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa, said this Thursday that the Government is making “all efforts” to bring the two Dominican brothers kidnapped in Haiti since last Saturday into the country, however, he clarified that “no there is news ”about this case.

The Government “is making every effort in all areas to bring our citizens healthy and well,” said the minister in statements to the press at the National Palace.

“We are working,” insisted Díaz Morfa, who on Tuesday assured that the Haitian authorities had requested his support in order to rescue the two film technicians “safe and sound,” which was denied yesterday by the neighboring country.

Those kidnapped are two Dominican film technicians, the brothers Michael Enrique and Antonio Gerer Campusano Féliz, workers of the Miravista Films production company, who were in Haiti to participate in the filming of a film for the Haitian production company Muska Group.

Along with the Dominicans, the Haitian Junior Albert Augusma, who is a student and works as an interpreter for Muska Group, was also kidnapped.

The film crew was intercepted by heavily armed men Saturday night at the southern entrance to Port-au-Prince, as they returned to the capital after filming in the coastal city of Jacmel.

This Wednesday, the president of Miravista Films, Adrián Agromonte, told Efe that the negotiations “are on the right track.”

The Haitian government reported this Wednesday that it continues to carry out efforts to achieve the release of the hostages.

However, the Secretary of Communication of the Haitian Government, Frantz Exantus, denied the Dominican Executive, clarifying that he has not requested help from the neighboring country’s military or the sending of troops.

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