Local February 28, 2021 | 11:24 am

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Scape Park, attractive ecotourism offer for family enjoyment

Just seven minutes from the Punta Cana International Airport, right in the heart of the Cap Cana tourist complex, is the unique Scape Park ecological park, the ideal destination for family enjoyment, with friends or as a couple.

Accompanied by the extraordinary natural beauty and ecological diversity that characterizes Cap Cana, Scape Park offers countless attractions that combine adrenaline and adventure with cultural and educational experiences, ranging from rock climbing, cave visits, and hiking trails, jumps, and slides by zip lines.

Indeed, within its tourist offer, one of the biggest attractions is the Zip Line Eco Adventure, made up of an exciting circuit of eight zip lines at different heights and distances that travel through the majestic landscapes of the El Farallón cliffs. Each line is a different experience and offers a full-speed tour to enjoy unique and unrepeatable views of nature and the beautiful mountainous area.

Another of the spaces that attract visitors’ attention is Hoyo Azul, a cenote approximately 14 meters deep. According to the Ministry of Tourism, this impressive natural pool, with turquoise waters, is located at the foot of a 75-meter high limestone cliff, surrounded by an exuberant and paradisiacal tropical forest ( Mitur ).

But if you are looking for even more fun, the Blue Falls are the perfect option. There, they can slide at high speed through zip lines and water hammocks from a height of almost 100 feet above sea level until they are submerged in the warm waters of a pool surrounded by ancient caves and impressive waterfalls that will make them live an unforgettable experience.

The Cultural Route, a nature trail that takes you on a historical journey and brings you closer to the traditional way of life of the Taínos, Spanish colonizers, and African slaves, is another of the must-see corners of Scape Park, as well as the Cave Iguabonita, the Swim Cave and the animal facility.

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