Local March 12, 2021 | 7:49 am

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Dominican Republic ‘Octopus’ hid assets in powers of attorney

Santo Domingo.- During a hearing in the “Octopus” case the prosecution cited evidence of more than 10 contracts called “powers of attorney” signed by Juan Alexis Medina over to other defendants considered ‘front men.”

Each power that was kept by Medina Sánchez consisted of a certificate that attests that he was the true owner of the companies with which he set up a network to obtain millionaire contracts as a State supplier.

In each case, the document is signed by Medina Sánchez and by the person who is registered as the main shareholder of the firm.

The names of the alleged figureheads are repeated in each contract, who in one appears as the owner’s representative and in others as witnesses.

According to the prosecutors, with these powers the brother of former president Danilo Medina fulfilled two objectives: that as he was the brother of the sitting president, he excluded himself from the body of registered shareholders in those firms that managed contracts as State suppliers and covered himself in the event that some of the front men would in fact like to appropriate the assets.

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