Local April 24, 2021 | 7:17 am

For Germany, the Dominican Republic is not a risk area for Covid-19

David Collado and Vice President Raquel Peña.

Santo Domingo, DR

Starting today, all employees of the tourism sector in the Dominican Republic may be vaccinated against Covid-19 to guarantee the health of international tourists and continue to strengthen the industry, according to Tourism Minister David Collado.

In a press conference in which the Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña; the Minister of Foreign Relations, Roberto Álvarez, and the German ambassador to the country, Volker Pellet, announced that President Luis Abinader ordered this measure as a commitment to continue inoculating the personnel who are most exposed to the opening of tourism.

Also, Vice President Peña said that members of the press and communicators might be vaccinated because they have been informing the population from the beginning despite their exposure.

At the press conference held at the Ministry of Tourism, the authorities highlighted that Germany gave its citizens the green light to travel to the Dominican Republic due to the protocols that this Caribbean nation manages against Covid-19.

Germany represents 270,000 tourists a year and 15% of Samaná’s tourism, so Collado appreciated the measure taken by the European country. At the same time, Pellet asked that the provisions continue to be implemented because this decision was a vote of confidence.

The authorities indicated that the country would offer a guarantee in the short term that it will have Covid-free tourism.

“Today, again, the Dominican Republic takes a step ahead of all the countries in the region and we continue to lead in tourism. Vaccinating tourist personnel and journalists is a measure that has double results. First, we take care of our people, but we also give guarantee and security to the countries so that their tourists can come to the country in safety,” said Collado.

United States
Regarding the alert that this country issued to its citizens so that they do not travel to the country, Collado recalled that when the Dominican Republic became his administration’s responsibility, it was at level four in the State Department and then dropped to the third level and the cases were higher.

“What the United States did was that it standardized 80 countries with the CDC, and therefore, as the DR was level four in the CDC and level three in the State Department, it was standardized to four, but it was not for the Dominican Republic, it was for 80 countries,” pointed out the Minister of Tourism.

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