Local April 27, 2021 | 12:13 pm

Colonel masterminded general’s corruption scheme

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Police Col. Rafael Núñez de Aza was the financial mastermind of the corruption network organized by Adán Cáceres to defraud money from the treasury, the Justice Ministry says.

According to the filing he served as Financial Officer of the Presidential Security Corps, which allowed Cáceres to maintain a discretionary and lax control of the funds, some RD$3.0 billion during the eight years.

“An example of the administrative management that allowed it to appropriate public money is evidenced in irregularities found in the payroll of the Presidential Security Corps and in the discretionary purchase of alleged food during the period 2012-2020, which can be observed in the report marked with no. IN-GGR-2020-004088,”

The report dated December 8, 2020 continue to be investigated and audited by the financial teams of the Prosecutor for Administrative Corruption (PEPCA),” the filing says.

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