Local April 28, 2021 | 12:10 pm

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Dominican Gov.: moonshine will have an ‘unpleasant’ taste


Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Government announced Wednesday the obligation to apply an unpleasant taste to methanol, after the highly toxic alcohol killed 127 people in April due to the consumption of tainted rums and other adulterated spirits.

From now on, importers will have to put in methanol, and in other alcohols that are not suitable for consumption, a concentration of denatonium benzoate, a substance with a bitter taste that is often used in the industry to prevent the ingestion of toxic materials.

This measure is in a decree that toughens the rules for the import and marketing of methanol, a toxic alcohol that had been used in the Dominican Republic for the clandestine manufacture of beverages, such as rums (clerén, triculi)  sugar cane distillate banned in the country.

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