Local June 30, 2021 | 2:08 pm

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More than 20 thousand Dominican smokers switch to a smoke-free alternative

Santo Domingo, DR

A sketch of the profile of the Dominican consumer shows that 58% of smokers and 42% of smokers have adopted an alternative that emulates the experience they encounter during the smoking ritual, without the component of tobacco burning and, therefore, the smoke generation. In this way, the harmful elements associated with this habit derived from smoke inhalation are significantly reduced.

This has resulted in that, after three years in the Dominican market, more than 20,000 smokers are choosing IQOS, which does not generate combustion, smoke, or ash. Instead, this product heats the tobacco instead of burning it, so smokers continue to use tobacco, reducing the more than 6,000 toxic substances that cigarettes generate during the combustion process.

The tobacco consumables used by IQOS are known as HEETS and come in a wide range of variants. They do not produce ash; they do not leave an odor on hands, clothes, and hair and, by not burning and avoiding combustion, they produce up to 95% less harmful chemicals. In Santo Domingo, 8% of industry consumption already corresponds to this product.

Philip Morris International (PMI) offered the alternative, an entity that focuses its resources on designing a future free of cigarette smoke.

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