Local July 6, 2021 | 7:34 am

Another scandal rocks Dominican Republic Gov.

Santo Domingo.- Presidency chief of staff, Lisandro Macarrulla, denounced Monday that he’s being the object of a systematic campaign of defamation and slander, through false accusations, to involve his family’s company in alled fraud and ballooned costs linked to the construction of the new prison at La Victoria.

He said the discrediting campaign has been financed and carried out by political sectors interested in tarnishing the government’s management.

He said that throughout his life all his public and private actions have been transparent, upright and honest, and that his family’s companies are managed with those same principles.

Willing to submit to scrutiny

“I am willing to demonstrate the calumnies in the field of legality and due process, that the rumors that have been spread against me in recent days are absolutely fallacious and will not be able to tarnish, as is intended, my honor and that of me. family, or destabilize the rectilinear course of transparency and decency of the Government,” Macarrulla told Diario Libre.

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