Local July 24, 2021 | 8:26 am

Border calm despite tension in Haiti over president’s burial

Dajabón, RD

The border points of Pedernales and Dajabón provinces were at peace, despite tensions and violence in Haiti, where the funeral of assassinated President Jovenel Moises was held yesterday.

With the realization of a timid market in the urban part and little presence of Haitians, commercial activity unfolded yesterday in Pedernales, where the surveillance of the military corps was notorious, and about 3:00 in the afternoon, the overflight of a Super Tucano plane.

Dominican and Haitian vendors were located in the vicinity of the urban market on Thursday and Friday, with fewer people due to the gathering and the decision of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to suspend commercial activity in the prevention of incidents due to the burial of President Moise.

Haitians mostly gathered at home and circulated very little because of the tension that has prevailed at the borderline after Moise’s murder.

In a tour of LISTÍN DIARIO this Friday, the calm situation was observed, with little movement of vehicles on its bumpy roads.

A calm atmosphere with little movement of people was also observed yesterday on both sides of the border with Dajabón.

The borderline is still closed, and only the national authorities allow the passage through a makeshift door to few Haitians who have their documents up to date.

From Juana Mendez, it could be established that this city remains calm, although with little vehicular and pedestrian movement in its streets, with a tense atmosphere and expectations for the burial of the assassinated President Moise.

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