Local September 17, 2021 | 2:32 pm

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It’s hot! Decreased rainfall and high temperatures forecast today

The provinces of Peravia, Azua, and Barahona will have temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius (95°F).


Santo Domingo, DR

The National Meteorological Office (ONAMET) forecasts a slight reduction in rainfall at the national level today, so the weather alerts for the provinces of Monte Plata, Hato Mayor, Samaná, El Seibo, Espaillat, and Sánchez Ramírez have been discontinued.

However, downpours, thundershowers, and isolated gusts of wind are expected over the northeast, southeast, Central Cordillera, and the border area in the afternoon due to the effects of the withdrawal of the trough that has been affecting the country in recent days.

At the moment a total of 11 provinces maintain the alert for possible flash floods of rivers, streams and creeks, as well as urban flooding and landslides, these are: Santiago, La Vega, Duarte, Santiago Rodríguez, Dajabón, Monseñor Nouel, Hermanas Mirabal, Valverde, Puerto Plata, Montecristi and María Trinidad Sánchez.

Saharan dust

Onamet reported that as of Saturday, an air mass with lower humidity content would be observed due to the arrival of dust from the Sahara, which will keep the chances of significant rainfall over much of the country low, without ruling out some local showers in the afternoon over the northeastern regions, Central Cordillera and the border area.

Very hot!

Peravia, Azua, and Barahona will have temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius (95°F).

In Greater Santo Domingo for this weekend, the maximum will be between 30ºC and 32ºC (86-90°F) and the minimum between 23ºC and 25ºC (73-79°F).

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