Local November 4, 2021 | 1:40 pm

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ADP denounces 14 schools with covid cases in Haina

Santo Domingo, DR

The Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP) of the municipality of Haina in San Cristóbal made a maximum alert call to the education authorities for the cases of covid that exist in 14 schools in that demarcation and the schools are overcrowded.

Teacher Dominga Valdez, Haina sectional president of the teachers’ union, said they are communicating with Minister Roberto Fulcar, explaining the situation.

Valdez said that of those 14 schools, there are teachers and custodians with the virus, and only one student is affected by the disease.

The affected schools are Juan Pablo Duarte; the Pura Rijo high schools; Felix Peña Arts Lyceum; José Joaquín Pérez; José Francisco Peña Gómez; Mercedes Pérez; and the Matías Ramón Mella schools; Francisco Del Rosario Sánchez; My hope; Monte Adentro School; La Pared Basic School; XXI century; La Feliciana and the Basic School of Cabón.

Valdez said that the sanitary protocol implemented in these schools to contain the spread of the coronavirus is “inoperative.”

“The health system collapses in 90% of the schools, without drinking water, without supplies for the preservation of infections, without support staff to sanitize the areas every day  …” she said.

She added that in Haina, the schools have a student overcrowding with up to 60 children in classes, both at the primary and secondary levels, “totally violating distancing and biosecurity measures in the face of COVID-19.”

Another complaint

She said that in the district 04-06, directed by France Altagracia Lluberes, the rights of teachers are being violated by making changes to the payroll and in schools, leaving some campuses without teachers, and occupying administrative functions without due replacement in the centers.

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