Local November 14, 2021 | 8:41 am

Director of the PN: “Out with police corruption in every way”

The director-general of the National Police, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then, guaranteed that there would be no “terror teams” to tarnish the institution after reiterating that police reform has begun.

“Out with police corruption in every sense of the word. Now there will be rapprochement of the National Police with the community,” warned the director-general of the law enforcement institution.

The head of the law enforcement institution spoke during a meeting with merchants, business people, ranchers, and community leaders of the municipality of San Francisco de Macoris, Duarte province, with whom he discussed issues related to the different problems and the actions that will be implemented to continue strengthening citizen security.

During the meeting, held at the Club de Mayoristas, the Patronato de Apoyo a la Policía Nacional was sworn in, whose members committed themselves to make the necessary efforts to strengthen preventive actions in the province and to achieve a closer relationship between the citizens and the law enforcement agents.

At the meeting, coordinated by Mr. Juan María García, head of the Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Geraldo de Jesús Medina Reyes, it was agreed that the board of directors of the Patronato would be elected next week. The Board of Trustees will fulfill different functions to strengthen citizen security and protect the institution’s properties, including supervising the proper use of patrol units.

-Reconciliation with society.

During the ceremony, Major General Alberto Then said he was grateful for the support expressed by the different products and community sectors of Duarte province after committing himself to work for a greater rapprochement between the community and law enforcement officers.

“It is time to reconcile our National Police with all of society, but especially with the good and hardworking people,” he said.

He expressed that he had a great interest in San Francisco de Macoris being a peaceful town. He added that the security plan implemented in the province would be strengthened.

Mr. Iván García, president of the Dominican Federation of Merchants, congratulated the work being done by Major General Alberto Then.

He added that merchants from all over the country are committed to supporting the management of the new director of the National Police.


In the activity of support to the management of Major General Alberto Then were present the provincial senator, Franklin Romero; the mayor Siquio NG de la Rosa; Juan María García Then, president of the Association of Merchants of San Francisco de Macorís and José López.

Also present were the public prosecutor Smaily Rodríguez, the reverend Isaac García, the deputy Nicolás Hidalgo and Odilin Morel, president of the Union de Juntas de Vecinos, among other personalities.

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Paul Tierney
November 14, 2021 8:58 am

The new broom sweeps clean.

randy cain
November 14, 2021 1:27 pm

he also needs to extend his efforts to the judges and lawyers who work hand in hand to extort money.

Where there is a will...
November 15, 2021 8:19 pm

Is there a number we can call when corruption takes place?

hugh BATES
November 15, 2021 9:41 pm

Good luck on that!!!