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A helping hand for Pamela, a girl without eyes and whose skin peels every day

Santo Domingo, DR

On February 17, 2020, Pamela was born. She was loved from her first little kick in the womb. Her mother had a normal pregnancy, without complications, and was happy that God blessed her with a new life in her being.

Pamela has no eyes and every day her little skin crumbles without her knowing why. She needs to be taken to Germany for a test to determine what is causing the sagging on her little body that is still in the process of forming, but her family has no resources.

“As my baby grows older her problem gets worse, for us all this was a total surprise,” says Pamela Ramirez, the girl’s mother.

Her mother is a teacher and her father is a waiter, she has two little brothers of 10 and 4 years old, and the conditions in which she lives prevent her health from progressing, despite the superhuman efforts of her parents, little Pamela needs help from good Samaritans.

The baby is allergic to heat, dust, humidity, lactose, and other things.

Her living conditions

The house where he lives is not in adequate conditions for the child’s development, because its roofed structure is made of rusty zinc and is kept between claddings with stones. Half-finished walls with loose rods, that are the panorama that the infant’s house presents.

“What we have is a fan, I live in an annex that I inherited with the death of my father, before she was born we conditioned ourselves as we could, but we never expected everything to happen this way,” explained Pamela’s mother.

“If more people collaborate with us, our daughter would have more possibilities of getting ahead”, asked the lady with a lump in her throat.

“As parents we have done the impossible, it hurts me to see how she gets desperate, when she tries to walk and crashes, at night we don’t sleep. But I will never get tired of fighting for my daughter,” the mother added.

Her doctors

The path of the doctors who have treated the baby ranges from allergists to geneticists. Pamela needs to be taken to Germany so that the Centogene laboratory can perform the sight tests and be able to verify which disease she suffers from and how to deal with it, thus making her days more bearable.

“The patient was born without eyeballs, she hears, but does not see. She has had to go through the hands of several colleagues to see how we can begin to treat it,” explained pediatrician Silfa from San Pedro de Macorís.

Pamela has been struggling with this process since she was born.

“The first time I saw her was a year ago, at that time the child had skin lesions, so they immediately performed analytical tests and assigned her a treatment. Ophthalmology was already treating her.”

The tests revealed that the lesions were caused by bacteria.

When that bacteria was detected, she improved, but the dermatitis condition later worsened.

“The dermatologists who have treated them agree that it could be atopic dermatitis, but to confirm the diagnosis, a deeper and more precise study is required to determine the causes that are provoking this reaction.

Such a study must be done in Germany and is quite expensive. As long as this study is not performed, the girl must continue to be monitored, treated, and investigated,” commented Dr. Amiramis Hernandez.

How can I donate?

To collaborate with Pamela you can enter the Jompeame.com page and contribute to this cause and others. The promoter of this initiative is Katherine Motyka, who along with her team through the foundation is dedicated to changing the lives of those she hosts.

“We are dedicated to raising funds throughout the country from people in extreme poverty, health conditions and homes in poor conditions. In the case of Pamela who has an as yet unknown condition and needs treatment and to this is added the state of her home, anyone who wants to contribute can go to our Instagram or website and there are all the details,” explained Katherine Motyka, founder of Jompeame.com.

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