Local February 16, 2022 | 2:03 pm

Police intervene in more than 20 neighborhoods to prevent crime

National Police operations.

SANTO DOMINGO ESTE.-The seizure of three illegal firearms, the recovery of several stolen motorcycles, the arrest of several individuals, and the intervention of numerous businesses resulted in police operations in more than 25 neighborhoods in Santo Domingo.

During the operations, carried out in less than 48 hours and directed by Colonel Orlando Báez Severino, Eastern regional director of the National Police, numerous motorcycles were also seized for lacking documents and were extended to the municipalities of Guerra, San Luis, and Boca Chica.

Báez Severino explained to journalists of this media that the purpose of the operations is to prevent criminal actions in Santo Domingo East and to prevent
The operations are carried out on the instructions of the police director, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then.

He indicated that the three weapons seized, two pistols and a revolver, were carried by individuals without any type of documentation. They are being investigated to see if they had been stolen from people and the circumstances they were obtained.

Colonel Baez Severino said that the arrests of numerous subjects and interventions of businesses for scandalizing or remaining open longer than the regulatory time covered sectors of Los Mima, Los Mameyes, Villa Duarte, Cansino, El Almirante, Los Farallones, Alma Rosa, Los Tres Brazos, and Los Mina.

Also Ensanche Ozama, Barrio Las Enfermeras, Los Frailes, Lucerna, Los Cartones, Puerto Rico, Villa Faro, Invivienda, Hainamosa, Villa Carmen, Villa Liberación, La Grúa, as well as the municipalities of Guerra, San Luis, San Isidro and Boca Chica, respectively.

The Santo Domingo East police commander said that some of the detained individuals were being sought for having pending matters with the justice system, and they were immediately handed over to the corresponding authorities.

Colonel Orlando Baez Severino said that the motorcycles reported stolen and recovered during the operations would be handed over to their owners upon presentation of the corresponding documents.

He said that the operations to prevent crime would not stop, warning that the National Police will not allow anyone or anything to disturb the peace and tranquility of the citizens of the different neighborhoods and municipalities of the Eastern zone.

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