Local May 20, 2022 | 4:52 pm

Police incorporate first units with cameras for patrolling

Through the Ministry of the Interior and Police, the Dominican Government presented this Friday to the country the first 339 units of the National Police equipped with Carkit (external and internal fixed cameras) as part of the recently announced measures.

The general director of the institution of order, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then Guzmán, said they have decided to prioritize the Specialized Directorate for Attention to Women and Domestic Violence. Each unit has a surveillance system installed.

“We are working day and night to comply with the due process of transformation and change in the reform of the National Police, for the benefit of the entire society in general in the Dominican Republic, to present to you the first point of the agenda of the reform of the National Police, such as the acquisition of the cameras of the operational units of the National Police, at the national level, for which we have given priority to attend to women out of a commitment before God and men that the woman continues to be respected in this process that we are carrying out,” said the senior official.


He indicated that the Carkit will allow direct viewing of the good and bad performances of the agents, as well as the approach to the citizen, “whenever a service of this nature is required and permanently in the patrol.”

Then revealed that in each of the intervened sectors of the Comprehensive Strategy, they will be reinforced with these new units.

He pointed out that, in the case of Greater Santo Domingo, 54 units will be sent to the National District, 41 to Santo Domingo East, 28 to Santo Domingo North, and 26 to Santo Domingo East. While in the East Regional Office (La Romana) 52, Southeast Regional Office (San Pedro de Macorís) 14, South Central Regional Office (Baní) 34, South Regional Office (Barahona) 9, West Regional Office (San Juan) 7.

Similarly, seven were sent to the Northeast Regional Office (San Francisco de Macorís), Northwest Regional Office (Mao) 2, Cibao Central Regional Office (Santiago) 12, Cibao South Regional Office (Bonao) 26, Specialized Office for Attention to Women and Domestic Violence (27).


Specific details

The Cars Kits contain a video recorder (DVR); two high-definition cameras for exterior and interior; a microphone; a system for tracking and geolocation (AVL) (GPS); a SIM Card module for 4G communication; a backup battery; and a system of antennas, which will allow the collection of information that will be used for investigations and to monitor the work performance of police officers.

The cameras can simultaneously monitor and listen to live images internally and externally, with a recording system of up to 30 days that can be uploaded to the monitoring center servers for protection and availability through data technology. LTE (SIM cards). In addition, the real-time GPS contains the history of the car’s route.

With this action, one of the measures announced by President Luis Abinader Corona is fulfilled, to begin moving from planning to concrete steps on the issue of police transformation.

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Paul Tierney
May 21, 2022 7:50 am

It is good that the country is turning to technology to keep stories factual. However, the question to be asked by everybody is how long are these cameras going to be used before the public is informed they are in disrepair or not turned on during an incident?

Felix Arroyo
May 21, 2022 5:38 pm

Excellent idea. Remember camera maintenance and cameras are part of the standard operating procedure. Can they (camera) view the rear of the vehicle (that’s where the suspect or goods will be put in)?

Last edited 2 years ago by Felix Arroyo