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David Ortiz: Social work that saves lives

David Ortiz Foundation (External source).

Major League Baseball players have heart, and this has been the case with David Ortiz, who, since his foundation was created in 2005, has managed to save the lives of dozens of children in the Dominican Republic.

Through a children’s fund, “El Big Papi” has given joy and new hope for life to children affected by heart disease.

This fund has allowed hundreds of children in the Dominican Republic and the United States to receive surgical procedures to treat deficiencies and illnesses.

For this gesture of love for the lives of children, David Ortiz was recognized with the Roberto Clemente Award in 2011.

This Sunday, when “El Big Papi” enters the immortality of the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, happiness and pride touch the hearts of an entire society that has been able to enjoy the joy of their children thanks to his contributions since the foundation.

Boston Heart Classic
A short time ago, Ortiz held the Boston Heart Classic, a charity golf tournament he holds yearly. In this edition, he raised 500 thousand dollars for the “David Ortiz Children’s Fund.”

Also, Ortiz and the first lady of the Republic, Raquel Arbaje, recently donated the first pediatric hemodynamics room in the country to the Centers for Diagnostic and Advanced Medicine and Medical Conferences and Telemedicine (Cedimat), valued at over one million dollars.

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