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Donations requested to cover medical procedures for Jesús Núñez, leader of the sugar cane growers

Jesús Núñez, leader of the sugarcane growers.

For the past three days, the web portal Go Fund Me has been requesting help for Jesús Núñez, leader of the veteran sugar cane workers of the Dominican Republic.

According to the publication by Thamara Pichardo, the cane growers’ leader is affected by cancer in his lymphatic system.

“Jesús has dedicated his life to fight for the interests of these men and women, cane workers, forgotten by the State and society after leaving their lives in the fields,” the publication states.

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“Now, Jesus, who has been more than supportive needs the embrace of others. Let’s contribute what we can to make his treatment as painless as possible,” Pichardo continues in the petition.

At the time of this publication, about 3,324 dollars had been raised, with the goal of reaching US$10,000.

Jesús Núñez has been leading the fight for pensions and other benefits for workers in the sugar cane sector of the country for years.

To donate just enter this link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/vamos-ayudar-a-un-gran-hombre?qid=4e3f8ee339b892183002215e484f16a2

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Ramon Garcia
October 16, 2022 8:42 am

Hundreds of Dominicans need help with their medical problems as well. All of the sudden Listin Diario has taken a pro-foreigners narrative.