Local February 23, 2023 | 8:08 am

The noisiest areas of Santo Domingo: Ciudad Colonial, Luperón and Naco

Faced with the alarming noise pollution caused by loud music, construction, motorists, buses, street vendors, and animals, more than 40 neighborhood associations from the National District joined in the Collective of Neighbors Against Noise to raise awareness among citizens about public peace and respect for the laws that guarantee the adequate sound level. Regarding the article AM published by Diario Libre under the signature of the director Inés Aizpun, entitled: “It’s not music, it’s noise”, the entity informed Diario Libre of the work they do to help reduce noise in the city.

Faced with the dismantling of the Anti-Noise Unit of the National Police, residents have sought alternatives to ensure that current regulations on this issue are respected. Andiel Galván, coordinator of the Collective of Neighbors Against Noise in the National District, and Rossemary Bonifacio, president of the Renacimiento II Neighborhood Board, explained that for just over a year they have been adding neighbors to the project, are concerned about noise.

There are already more than 40 neighborhood associations that make up the community entity. Rossemary Bonifacio explained that they have made a schedule with the affected sectors and in the case of Renacimiento, a survey was made of the sound problems,  which determined that deliveries and grocery stores are the main noise generators, as are the advertising buses, the food trucks, dogs left on the balconies of the buildings, and neighbors celebrating parties.


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miro jereb
February 23, 2023 10:24 am

Keep going against sound polution…its terrible…cant sleep at night…cafetetias and colmados are the worst…Passing cats with extreme loud music pkayind…vendors from a pickup truck passing on tge streets…I am from VERON and in my vilage there are two cafeterias and colmado…all about 50m apart and everyone is playing loud music of his own. Mad house. I rent space for turists and after day or two they go because they cant sleep at night…music until 3am at night. This is madnes…

February 23, 2023 12:15 pm
Reply to  miro jereb

Tourists come from countries that are usually much quieter. They don’t like a lot of noise. Some Dominicans say “well, it’s our country and, if they don’t like the noise, they should stay home”. It’s a fair point but very short-sighted because tourists contribute a lot to the Dominican economy. Without them, there would be more poverty and less services. We need to compromise.

February 23, 2023 3:32 pm

Bachaticas “chuly chuly” “corta venas” son muy chevere…y todos debemos de esuchar y bailar esta musica linda y hermosa…Sube volume Mambrucillo…eeepppaaa….!!!