Local August 23, 2023 | 2:31 pm

Citizens bathe and drink in streets and spas, despite the warning from the COE

Despite the warnings issued by the Emergency Operations Center (COE) to stay indoors due to the effects of Tropical Storm Franklin, some individuals have chosen to defy the authorities’ advice on Wednesday. People are venturing out to immerse themselves in the flooded streets and even taking dips in the Los Patos de Barahona spa, as depicted in images captured by Diario Libre reporters.

In the municipality of Haina, San Cristóbal province, residents are seen engaging in “teteos,” characterized by music, alcohol, and domino games, amidst the flooded area. Flooded streets have also become makeshift “natural pools,” with both adults and children taking advantage of the open-air bathing opportunity.

Additionally, major floods are affecting the municipal cemetery in Haina, submerging some graves in water.

In Los Patos de Barahona, the arrival of Tropical Storm Franklin has not deterred some individuals from taking morning baths in the tributary. One bather mentioned, “We are having a few drinks here waiting for (the storm) to come.”

The trend of such gatherings, known as “teteos,” has been observed in various areas, including Villa Duarte in Santo Domingo Este.

Juan Manuel Méndez, the director of the COE, reiterated the importance of adhering to safety precautions. He urged the population to stay indoors and avoid going out into the streets or engaging in outdoor activities during the storm. Méndez emphasized the seriousness of the tropical cyclone’s impact and called for prudence to prevent potential tragedies.

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August 23, 2023 3:40 pm

it’s only rain. it’s not hurricane. don’t force people to stay at home.

August 23, 2023 3:41 pm

You cant fix stupid

August 24, 2023 5:09 pm

On a humerous note, yesterday I had a huge lightning bolt directly over my house. It was followed immediately by the most thunderous roar I have ever heard. Nothing was damaged but it did instantly relieve my constipation! I guess every cloud does have a silver lining!