Local September 17, 2023 | 7:24 am

Significant number of Haitians leaving for several countries through AILA after border closure

LAS AMERICAS AIRPORT. -A considerable increase in the departure of Haitian travelers to different nations of Central and South America is registered by the Las Americas airport after the closing of the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, ordered by President Luis Abinader.
Journalists of this media covering the airport terminal established a considerable departure of Haitian nationals, including entire families, on flights bound for Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, and Nicaragua.

The Haitians board regular flights of the airlines Arajet and Copa Airlines, which cover the destinations mentioned above from Las Americas Airport. Both airlines have established specific lines to attend to Haitian travelers.

Many Haitian travelers are upper-middle-class people, some of them residents of Santo Domingo and others who arrived in the country days before the border between the two nations closed.


An executive of one of the two airlines told reporters that the number of reservations made by Haitian nationals to travel to the countries above and as conditions, especially in Central America, is considerable.

“We are flying with completely full seats, a large percentage of middle class Haitians, including four and five members of the same family,” said the airline executive, who asked the airport journalists to keep his name confidential.

Air, sea, and land operations between the DR and Haiti have been suspended since last Friday after the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, ordered the total closure of the border between the two nations.

The President’s decision is due to the attitude assumed by the Haitian government in constructing a canal over the Masacre River to divert the flow towards that nation to the detriment of the Dominicans, especially the residents of the province of Dajabón.

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September 17, 2023 7:49 am

and the next stop.. the US Southern Border,,,,

Jo josh
September 17, 2023 8:00 pm

Haïti buys a lot from the DR, what Haitian should do is start buying from elsewhere and abinader and all his xenophobic supporters will soon realize that they do not sell much internationally so they will have 200 millions in loss trade money because they have a huge trade surplus with Haiti their second most important trade partner…. and let us see if they will still be that tough without Haitian money. You can have disagreement but this is flat out xenophobia. Because some people are building a damn on a 1 feet deep river you forbid legal resident from basic services…? You should be ashamed and those who stay quite are as guilty

Last edited 9 months ago by Jo josh
September 18, 2023 9:56 am

The island must maintain peace, period! I’m Haitian-American, and I respect Dominican Sovereignty. No Haitian national wants to leave their homeland and go to another country. Some of the comments I’ve been reading online from the brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic have been heartbreaking. It’s as if Haitians go to the DR and only comment on crime and murder and do nothing good. I encourage both Haitians and Dominicans to get to know each other and stop seeing each other as enemies. Haitians and Dominicans are more alike than you think; after all, we are both humans. Both countries need dialog when it comes to the canal issue to resolve this issue, I don’t get why the army was necessary. I ask God to establish peace and prosperity in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Remember, a strong Haiti is beneficial to the Dominicans.

Deivy Campusano
September 19, 2023 4:30 pm
Reply to  Ricardo

That is precisely the problem…there is no bilateral dialogue that can be had because it’s simply not possible. Haiti lacks government and authority. Since their president was assassinated two years ago there is no formal head of state. The country now is practically run by gangs…so who are Dominican authorities supposed to sit down and dialogue with???