Local September 23, 2023 | 9:37 am

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Authorities fear hunger will spark Haitian entry

Santo Domingo.- The governor, Altagracia Brea, alerted the military, migratory authorities, and civil society while taking stock of the border situation, given a possible massive entry of Haitians due to food shortages. While recounting the eight days of the closure, she highlighted the mission of the State security agencies.

In the meantime, he called to maintain control and indicated that the maximum alert constitutes greater security in the face of the lack of food, which he said Haiti is beginning to feel.

On the other hand, the Directorate of Migration indicated that the surveillance and control continue, even though in this zone, the harmony between both sides gives certain tranquility to the authorities.

During the first four days before the closure, the Haitians compared all types of raw food and even liquefied petroleum gas, firewood, and charcoal.

The authorities are concerned that Pedernales is the mainstay of the neighbors in terms of food, and they estimate that they have little left.

The hospital’s director, Efrain Hernandez, assured that there is absolute border control because Haitian patients are no longer coming.

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Tomas Gato
September 23, 2023 10:49 am

whom ever’s plan it was to starve the Haitian’s into submission will be finding out shortly what a grave error that was.

September 24, 2023 3:21 am
Reply to  Tomas Gato

Country is “rich” ,why will anyone starve ?!
Just educate them what they have to do not to starve …