Local October 6, 2023 | 10:05 am

Abinader supervises La Vigía channel: “This border will not be the same”

President Luis Abinader made a surprise visit to the La Vigia canal rehabilitation site in Dajabón, Dominican Republic. During his visit, he emphasized that the canal is now capable of extracting up to one cubic liter of water, which will prevent any negative impact on local producers in the La Vigia and Colonia Japonesa communities due to the canal being constructed in Juana Méndez, Haiti.

Regarding the potential reopening of the border, President Abinader mentioned that he wanted to ensure the functionality of the La Vigia canal before considering any flexibility. He emphasized that if the border is reopened, there will be stricter controls and additional measures compared to the past. He also reiterated the importance of conducting necessary studies and adhering to binational agreements in relation to the canal construction in Haiti.

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