Local October 30, 2023 | 11:06 am

The Vice President urges clinics to attend dengue cases and Andeclip asks to identify centers that do not do so

Santo Domingo.- Vice President Raquel Peña has made a call to private clinics to assist in treating dengue patients, given the recent surge in dengue cases in the country. She urged private clinics to step in and help manage these cases, as there has been a growing number of patients being referred from private clinics to public hospitals.

Peña emphasized the importance of timely medical attention and encouraged the population to visit the nearest medical center if they experience symptoms of dengue, stressing that the necessary medications are available at the national level.

She stated, “If you arrive on time, there is no problem with dengue, but you have to arrive at the health centers on time.” Her comments came after a meeting at the Jaime Mota Regional University Teaching Hospital in Barahona.

In response to these calls, Dr. Rafael Mena, the president of the Association of Private Clinics and Hospitals (Andeclip), defended private clinics, asserting that they have not stopped providing assistance to dengue patients. He urged the health authorities to provide specific information about private clinics that are allegedly rejecting dengue patients, requesting the names of those clinics involved.

Dr. Mena clarified that clinics affiliated with Andeclip are not neglecting anyone but pointed out that they may have limitations, especially in smaller towns without the capacity for advanced medical procedures. In such cases, patients are often provided with initial care and then referred to larger facilities with greater capacity.

He emphasized that private clinics should serve patients according to their capacity and highlighted the differences in capabilities between clinics in various locations. Dr. Mena mentioned that some clinics, especially in major cities like Santo Domingo, handle the majority of cases effectively but may refer patients if they require specific procedures that the clinic is not equipped to perform.

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