Local November 2, 2023 | 9:28 am

Migration inaugurates Command Control and Monitoring Centers to make services more efficient throughout the national territory

Santo Domingo.- The General Directorate of Migration (DGM) in the Dominican Republic is undergoing a transformation and modernization plan to improve services for citizens and enhance the efficiency of its operations. As part of this modernization process, the DGM has inaugurated several key initiatives:

  1.  Command and Control Center: The immigration control directorate now has a Command and Control Center equipped with modern GPS systems and drones operated by technicians. These tools enable real-time surveillance of immigration interdiction units throughout the country, ensuring they operate within the limits of the law.
  2. Migration Intelligence Directorate: The DGM has established investigation offices for the Migration Intelligence directorate to closely monitor and supervise the activities of immigration units and vehicles.
  3. Technology Management Monitoring Center: This center has been set up to enhance the efficiency of services provided to the public.

Venancio Alcántara, the General Director of Migration, emphasized that these projects aim to make the institution a model entity within the Dominican State. The efforts of public servants, departmental directors, and collaborators have been instrumental in achieving these goals.

The DGM has also doubled its efforts to deport foreigners with irregular immigration status, following established protocols and respecting human rights and international norms.

This progress has resulted in the DGM achieving a score of 98.81, the highest performance level among 345 public institutions evaluated in various areas.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by several prominent officials, including the Minister of the Interior and Police, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, the General Director of Politur, and representatives from the North American Embassy, among others. Key DGM directors also explained each of the initiatives in detail.

The DGM’s modernization efforts aim to enhance immigration control, improve services, and contribute to the country’s overall development.

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