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Dominican Republic hosts events with more than 100 representatives of international civil aviation

Santo Domingo.- Tourism is a critical industry for the Dominican Republic’s economy, and commercial aviation plays a vital role in welcoming visitors to the country. Héctor Porcella, the interim director of the Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC), emphasized the importance of aeronautical industry events sponsored by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for both the Dominican Republic and the entire region.

Santo Domingo is hosting two significant civil aviation meetings, the first being the RASG.PA group meeting, focusing on operational safety, followed by the CAR/SAM Regional Planning and Execution Group (GREPECAS) meeting. These gatherings bring together over 100 representatives from 18 countries and 12 organizations linked to civil aviation.

Key topics to be addressed during these meetings include improving the capacity and efficiency of air navigation, strengthening operational safety, and reducing the environmental impact of the aviation industry.

Porcella highlighted the profound impact of tourism on the Dominican Republic’s economy, not only in terms of GDP and job creation but also through its influence on other sectors. The IDAC has made efforts to ensure that the meetings’ objectives are met and that the guests’ experience in the country is rewarding.

Christopher Barks, the director of the Regional Office for North America, Central America, and the Caribbean of ICAO, expressed optimism that the Santo Domingo meetings would lead to significant agreements to enhance aviation safety. He thanked IDAC and the Dominican Government for hosting these important aviation events, contributing to ICAO’s efforts to improve aviation safety and efficiency.

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