Local November 22, 2023 | 8:11 am

Snake found on Luperón Avenue was a Colombian boa constrictor

Santo Domingo.- Biologists from the Wildlife Department of the Biodiversity Directorate of the Vice Ministry of Protected Areas of the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of the Environment conducted an investigation following a video on social media showing a dead snake near Luperón Avenue in the National District. Biologist Nelson García Marcano identified the snake as a Colombian boa constrictor, an exotic and docile species. He suggested it might have been introduced as a pet, which is currently prohibited in the country, or accidentally brought in via cargo shipments.

The dead snake, approximately 18 feet long, was found by a brigade from the Ministry of Public Works while clearing debris. It is believed that the snake, seeking warmth, may have taken refuge in a backhoe’s caterpillar and was accidentally killed by the machinery. The Environment Ministry is encouraging the public to report any sightings of wild species needing protection, especially following natural disturbances like floods that can displace such animals.

The Ministry of Public Works explained that their brigade found the reptile last Saturday afternoon near a shopping center on Luperón Avenue. García Marcano emphasized the importance of protecting wildlife and highlighted that native snakes in the Dominican Republic are not aggressive towards humans. The incident underscores the need for awareness and conservation efforts for wildlife in urban areas.

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November 22, 2023 9:26 am

control borders ,we are an island and have no where to run …