North Coast January 12, 2020 | 6:52 am

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Alejandro Asmar Foundation performs medical and fumigation day in Puerto Plata

 PUERTO PLATA.-The Alejandro Asmar Foundation held an extensive free health day in the province of Puerto Plata, where consultations were offered in different areas and specialties.

The medical operation that benefited around 250 people with limited financial resources, included the delivery of medicines to the attendees, as part of the social assistance program promoted by the non-profit organization chaired by the renowned businessman, doctor, and philanthropist, Alejandro Asmar.

“We are touring the entire Dominican Republic, listening to people, their concerns and at the same time bringing them a friendly and supportive hand, that is why we are here today in the bride of the Atlantic Puerto Plata, we demonstrate by example because together we can achieve a better country, remember that as our motto says: you make the change,” said Asmar.

Meanwhile, community leaders and people benefiting from the medical and fumigation operation, thanked and appreciated the gesture, affirming that it is of great impact for that province of Ciba.

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