North Coast January 27, 2020 | 5:13 pm

Study says Puerto Plata is the safest city

Santo Domingo.- The Executive Vice President of the Institutionalism and Justice Foundation (Finjus) on Mon. said its analysis on security across the country determined that Puerto Plata is the safest city.

Servio Tulio Castaños said Finjus has been working on security issues with the different city councils in the country and that the results derived from the meetings indicate that the Atlantic coast city obtained the best score.

“The combined work Finjus-city councils that we have been celebrating, the diagnostic results indicate that Puerto Plata is the city that currently has the lowest levels of crime, despite the risks due to its status as a tourism destination,” he said.

The vice president of Finjus spoke after signing an agreement with the municipal council of Puerto Plata, through which Finjus will provide crime prevention advisors to the city council.

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