North Coast February 22, 2020 | 7:32 am

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Juan Luis Guerra invites you to explore Puerto Plata attractions

Juan Luis Guerra invites you to explore the beauty and culture of Puerto Plata through the new song, Lamp Pa ‘Mis Pies, where the artist encourages you to know the province of the Dominican Republic and its people.

The singer-songwriter explains in the video below that he was looking for an ideal place to record the audiovisual that would accompany the song.

He said that Puerto Plata has: a beautiful park surrounded by Victorian-style houses, white-sand beaches that make a foam choir, a boardwalk, cable car and especially good and hospitable people who gave a smile in each shot for the music video.

“I found all this in Puerto Plata; visit us, Puerto Plata is waiting for you,” said Juan Luis.

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