People March 20, 2015 | 5:12 pm

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Triumph in perseverance

Santo Domingo.- She sees life as a challenge and an adventure. At 20, a wayward bullet hit her spine, but learned to fend for itself.

An accident in a violent society in which she has lived, and struck with fear, but has managed to survive the difficult times.

She has had to relearn the meaning of valor, and of value.

Strongly identified with and committed to other Dominicans with a disability, she heads the Social Protection section of the government’s National Disability Council (CONADIS).

Miguelina de Jesus is married and mother of a beautiful baby girl a few months old. She calls her the most beautiful of her life’s challenges.

She’s also a formidable athlete. She represented the country in Mexico’s Para-PanAmerican Games in swimming. She intends to continue swimming and now looks to score in basketball. Her goal is Toronto.

"Women are the stronger sex, we’re building an inclusive and supportive country for all.”


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