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How a weekend in Scotland changed a young Dominican woman’s life

Santo Domingo.- Itall started about six weeks ago with a: why should I apply for the Future News2015? Why would the judges pick me, a young woman who lives in a third worldcountry?

Now that I came backhome from Edinburgh, Scotland, after representing the Dominican Republic in theFuture News Conference, there is something different and new in me.

I was so thrilledabout being chosen by the British Council to participate in this prestigiousconference, that I couldn’t believe it until I stepped out Edinburgh Airport,and saw with my eyes one of the most beautiful and historically rich cities inthe world.

This three-dayexperience surpassed all my expectations. Not only I got the chance learn aboutwell-known and successful editors and journalists, such as Paul Ingrassia,Alice Enders, Donald Martin, Geoff Webster, James Waterson, Sue Turton, etc. Ialso got in contact with a new environment, a different reality from DominicanRepublic, and learned about my now fellow´s cultures from all around the world.We could share knowledge and different perspectives about journalism, life andthe world.

I confirmed that,although there are many different countries and cultures in the world, in theend we are all equal. The world is so big, but so small at the same time.Barriers decrease as time passes and as technology advances. We, aspiring youngjournalists, have an undeniable power: media and communication.

But why, no matterwhere you come from, is it so hard to find a place in the market? Why do wechoose this career that requires so many sacrifices?

Paul Ingrassia,Reuter´s Managing Editor, says that it’s true that our job may not give usrichness in money, but it will give us richness in life and professionally.

Our job isn’t just ajob. It’s a lifestyle… a new adventure every day. It takes having instincts,knowing the audience, empathy, integrity, honesty, willingness to challengeyourself, diplomacy, and overall, passion.

To succeed in thisindustry, you can’t be just lucky. You may have luck once or twice, but aconstant luck means that you are talented and gifted. We tell stories ofordinary people doing extraordinary things. We don’t just exist, we live hardand put ourselves in other people´s shoes to understand them better… We becomemore human.

Journalism may seemto be tough, but it gives great satisfaction to do what you love and to havefun doing a world-changing job. You never know where you will be the next dayor what you will be doing; it’s your desire of improving yourself that delimitsyou.

Thanks to BritishCouncil, today I can say I’m a more focused person. Future News 2015 hasinspired me as I’ve never been before. I’m ready to go out there and conquerthe world.


The British Embassy recentlypromoted a contest for aspiring Dominicans journalists through the web media.The prize was a trip to an international conference in the Scottish Parliamentin Edinburgh.

The three-day event fromSeptember 4 to 6 gathered 100 young adults from around the world. Scarlett representedthe Dominican Republic.

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