Poverty January 12, 2015 | 10:32 am

Literacy push reaches rugged regions, remote mountains

Santo Domingo.- The National Literacy Plan ‘Quisqueya Learns with you’ affirmed Monday that a report released on January 2 reveals that 766,136 Dominicans have learned to read and write.

Plan director Luis Holguin said the 2010 census found that 851,396 people were illiterate, but "right now we have less than 100 people left to integrate."

He asked citizens to locate and motivate people who’re still literate. "We here in Quisqueya harness synergy with our staff, we’re committed to make sure that all of the agency’s workers can read and write."

To stress the government’s commitment to literacy, Holguin cited efforts to reach rugged regions and remote mountains to enroll groups of still illiterate people. "We must start at home. I call on other agencies so that there’s not one Dominican around us who cannot read and write."

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