Poverty December 7, 2015 | 4:15 pm

Govt. seeks to lift 180,000 out of poverty with World Bank´s help

Santo Domingo.-President Danilo Medina on Monday headed the launch of the "Progressing Together"initiative of the Social Policy Cabinet, with World Bank support, to lift 180,000residents of the National District and 13 provinces out of poverty.

In the event held inthe National Palace Cabinet coordinator and vice president Margarita Cedeño the"the success against extreme poverty of Progressing with Solidarity” is a strategyfocused on the local development and assistance for vulnerable young people whoneither study nor work and gender equality.

"We will ensurethe access of extremely poor families an integrated package of socialprotection and promotion in selected territories, including in particular humancapital, improving their living conditions and their employability for jobs andthe creation of business," Cedeño said.

Azua, Baoruco,Barahona, El Seibo, Elias Piña, Independencia, Monte Plata, Montecristi,Pedernales, San Cristóbal, San Juan de la Maguana, Santiago and Santo Domingo provinceswill benefit, Cedeño said, adding that 61,000 families will be integrated intofood programs; 71,000 elementary and 33,000 mid-level students will besupported to ensure school attendance and performance and 229,000 people willhave access to Primary Health Care Units.

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