Poverty February 10, 2016 | 10:25 am

World ‘leaves Haiti’s plight’ to the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Former Guatemala president Alvaro Colom on Tuesdaysaid the international community seems to have abandoned Haiti to its fate and leftthe Dominican Republic to deal with the burden of consequences of politicalinstability, ongoing economic crisis and the human drama which can only escapeacross the border between the Hispaniola neighbors.

Colom called on the international community to pay moreattention to Haiti’s suffering, more solidarity with its peoples and for major powersto help Dominican Republic assist and save the hemisphere’s poorest country. “Thecountry on the east of the island, with has its own problems cannot withstandthe burden of another poor sister nation.”

In that regard, Central American Parliament (PARLACEN) formerpresident Manolo Pichardo said the Haitian people’s only escape is the DominicanRepublic, “because all of the world’s doors have been closed and that has ahuge impact on the economy, because uncontrolled migration strikes directly atour health care, education and contributes to job insecurity."

Colom and Pichardo spoke during the conference "PARLACEN,legislation of Central American Integration" at Universidad del Caribe.

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