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Fathom’s successful social impact with inaugural voyage to Dominican Republic

Seattle, April 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Fathom, the pioneerin social impact travel and Carnival Corporation’s (NYSE/LSE: CCL; NYSE: CUK)10th and newest brand, returned from its inaugural voyage to its impactdestination, the Dominican Republic, on Sunday, April 24. Fathom’s inauguralvoyage was a major success as hundreds of guests joined Fathom for a uniqueweeklong journey that left a lasting impact on each of them, as well as animmediate impact on people in need in the Dominican Republic.

"Feedback from our guests during the voyage wasextremely positive," said Tara Russell, president of Fathom and globalimpact lead for Carnival Corporation. "This first voyage provided more evidence there is a growing marketof guests who want to make a positive, direct impact when traveling. Fathomgave our guests a unique way to leave an impression on a very personal levelwithin the community, as well as have an extraordinarily rewardingexperience."

Launched in June 2015, Fathom provides the opportunity totravel with like-minded people, become immersed in another culture and workalongside its people to create enduring social impact. What sets Fathom apart isthe long-term, systematic partnership approach and unique business model oftraveling every other week to the Dominican Republic – a combination thatcreates sustained and lasting impact.

"Our brand has been on an incredible journey, from theidea’s conception over two years ago through today," said Russell."We set out to do something special with Fathom by introducing the worldto a unique type of travel – travel with purpose. I want to personally thankeveryone who stood alongside Fathom, and had a hand in getting us to where weare today. Without your support, we would not be where we are today."

Making a Sustainable Impact

Fathom selected the Dominican Republic as its first impactdestination, as it is a country of great beauty and rich culture but also acountry with great needs. The averagehousehold income is less than $6,000 and more than 3 million Dominicans do nothave access to piped water. Yet the country has much potential – its naturalresources are plentiful, it has a good infrastructure that can allow forpositive impact, and its people are motivated to create better lives for themand their families.

Impact activities in the Dominican Republic include a widerange of projects focused on economic development, education and the environment.During the inaugural voyage, guests, depending on their individual passions andskills, participated in projects they felt most strongly about, and workeddirectly alongside local people and Fathom’s partner organizations.

"We have already accomplished a lot in a short periodof time – but there is still much to do," added Russell. "While wecelebrated and introduced the unique Fathom experience to our guests last week,we are looking forward to taking our guests every other week to the Dominicanto continue making a profound and lasting impact for people in thecountry."

Working with its impact partners Entrena and the InstitutoDominicano de Desarrollo Integral, Inc. (IDDI), Fathom and its guests in lessthan one week’s time, made an immediate impact including:

Student English Conversation & Learning / Community EnglishConversation & Learning:

Impact: Nearly 650 students and community members benefitedfrom effective foreign language interaction with native English speakers.

Why It Matters: English proficiency is the largest driver ofemployment success in the Dominican Republic economy.

Reforestation & Nursery

Impact: Planted more than 2,400 trees.

Why It Matters: With time, this will lead to morenutrient-rich soil, reduction in soil loss, improved localized air and waterquality, an increase in localized biodiversity, and higher agricultural yields.

Water Filter Production

Impact: Produced 50 water filters.

Why It Matters: In the Dominican Republic, more than 3million residents do not have access to piped water. This access provides asignificant reduction in waterborne illness instances, and indirect benefitsinclude better work and school attendance.

Cacao and Women’s Chocolate Cooperative

Impact: Cleaned more than 200 pounds of cacao nibs andwrapped more than 6,000 chocolate bars.

Why It Matters: By helping improve production and increasesales, it allows the organization to hire more local women, and providecritical income in a region with limited employment opportunities.

Recycled Paper and Crafts Entrepreneurship

Impact: Nearly 600 sheets of paper produced.

Why It Matters: Guests’ support helps provide criticalincome to the women, and ultimately allows them to expand their business. Italso helps overall employee morale.

Concrete Floors in Community Homes

Impact: Poured concrete floors for two homes directlypositively effecting 20 people.

Why It Matters: In the homes of poorer communities, thecommon basic dirt floors are a genuine health risk. The new floors provided ahealthier and safer living environment for families.

Making Time for Leisure

When not participating in social impact projects, Fathomguests experienced fun and memorable recreational, leisure and sightseeingactivities in the Dominican Republic. Whether exploring ancient ruins,interacting with the abundant marine life in the clear water, or lounging alongthe sun-soaked stretches of surf and sand, guests made the most of theirexperiences in the Dominican Republic.

The MV Adonia docked at Carnival Corporation’s newest portAmber Cove, located in the Puerto Plata region, where guests had access toselect shore excursions. The port offers numerous sea and landside experiences,including several beach getaways, kayak, paddle board and snorkeling tours,ATV-like terracross buggy expeditions, Puerto Plata tours, helicopter rides,fishing trips, horseback riding, deep sea fishing tours and catamaran sailings.

Guests discovered that impact travel is far more than aseven-day experience. On the return trip, Fathom helped guests with ways theycan stay involved by bringing the knowledge, inspiration and insight back totheir home communities.

Prices for the seven-day trips to the Dominican Republicstart at $974 per person, excluding taxes, fees and port expenses and includingall meals on the ship, onboard social impact immersion experiences, threeon-shore social impact activities and related supplies. Prices will vary byseason. To secure a spot on future sailings, a fully refundable $300 per persondeposit is required for all cabin categories and occupancy levels. Finalpayment is due 90 days prior to departure. To reserve a spot on futuresailings, guests may call 1-855-932-8466 or through a travel professional.Learn more at www.Fathom.org.

About Fathom Travel to the Dominican Republic

Fathom is a different kind of cruise that combines one’slove of travel with the desire to make a difference in the world. Fathom isdefining a new category of travel, Social Impact Travel. Part of the CarnivalCorporation (NYSE/LSE: CCL; NYSE: CUK) family, Fathom offers consumersauthentic, meaningful travel experiences to enrich the life of travelers andwork alongside locals as they tackle community needs in the Dominican Republic.Fathom is unique in that it leverages Carnival Corporation’s expertise andscale for a one-of-a-kind business model to create long-term collaboration withits partner countries, allowing for sustained social impact and lastingdevelopment. Fathom will serve the sizable and growing market of potentialsocial impact travel consumers – approximately one million North Americans – inaddition to global travelers already pursuing service-oriented travelexperiences worldwide.

Sailing aboard the MV Adonia, a 704-passenger vesselredeployed from Carnival Corporation’s P&O Cruises (UK), Fathom willengage, mobilize, educate and equip travelers on every Dominican Republic tripallowing for rich personal enrichment and thousands of impact activity days pervisit– and tens of thousands of travelers a year to communities of promise,providing unprecedented scale for impact.


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