Tourism October 17, 2022 | 10:15 am

Pedernales project has Iberostar incredibly enthusiastic

The Iberostar chain finds the Dominican Republic-sponsored Pedernales tourism project to be extremely alluring. The president of the hotel group himself has acknowledged. Miguel Fluxá claims to be extremely enthusiastic about the expansion of the new location that the president of the DR is forcefully recommending. Fluxá applauds the establishment of a region that is fundamentally focused on sustainability.

The Fluxá family has a strong commitment to environmental protection, environmentalism, and all aspects of sustainable development. This explains his enthusiasm for the Pedernales region, which the DR government hopes will become a model for the Caribbean.

Pepe Deudero, the Spanish chain’s decorator and an adopted Dominican with proven expertise in the hotel industry, produces imaginative work that is truly remarkable. Deudero collaborates harmoniously on this project with renowned Dominican architect Antonio Imbert, who specializes in the hotel industry.


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