Tourism March 13, 2024 | 1:05 pm

Cabo Rojo’s second cruise arrives on April 8

Perdernales, DR.- After a period of silence in the province of Pedernales regarding the anticipated arrival of a cruise ship to Cabo Rojo following the inauguration of its port, Carnival Corporation has now confirmed that Holland America, one of its subsidiary companies, has scheduled a visit for April 8.

The selected vessel is the Nieuw Amsterdam, a signature-class cruise ship with a capacity for up to 2,106 visitors and 929 crew members.

David Candib, Vice President of Port Operations for Carnival Cruise Line, emphasized the company’s high regard for the Dominican Republic as a destination. He expressed the parent company’s interest in supporting and sending its ships to new destinations within the country, with Cabo Rojo being a key focus.

“Cabo Rojo is set to welcome a ship from Holland America, which is part of our corporation, in the coming days,” Candib announced.

While stating that the company currently has no plans to invest in another port in the Dominican Republic, he clarified that they are actively exploring new destinations in the country to continue sending their ships.

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