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Expert encourages Hispanic community to stop by his office for free consultations on Healthcare

Source: Unknown

The Dominican community and other ethnic groups are invited to visit Jaime Vargas’ office for free consultations so he can explain the new benefits that will be accessible starting on January 1st. Jaime Vargas is a local expert on health insurance (Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security-SS-). According to Vargas, the Medicaid income limits for people over 65 living in the state of New York will rise from US$954 to US$1,563 for singles and from US$1,563 to US$2,106 for couples per month. He added that the SS was calculated by multiplying the new rate by the amount received, which was increased by 8.75%.

He claimed that because “our role is to help,” which will be made simpler by the ease of obtaining insurance, his office is able to assist the elderly in obtaining benefits. He recalled that the staff at his office, located at 1286 Saint Nicholas Avenue, between 174th and 175th Streets, in Upper Manhattan (212-923-4041), will provide consultations, guidance, and free form filling for seniors related to their health insurance if the person receives more than estimated or is denied Medicaid.

We can arrange for a “Home Attendant” to provide these elderly people with free care in their homes. More than 7.3 million low-income New Yorkers have access to comprehensive health coverage through the NY Medicaid program. Depending on your age, financial situation, family situation, and living arrangements, it can pay for a variety of services. Meanwhile, Medicare is a social security insurance program run by the US government that covers those under 65 who are deemed disabled due to serious health issues, like cancer or kidney failure that necessitates dialysis.

Similar to Medicaid, Social Security (SS) is a federal government program that offers financial aid to those who meet the criteria established for various situations. It oversees the administration of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program for the elderly, the blind, and the disabled as well as the retirement, survivorship, and disability insurance programs.

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