Economy December 7, 2017 | 12:30 pm

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The county can become a major exporter, but lacks a plan

Santo Domingo.-  Quality production, first level standards and practices and international certifications are no longer an option if the county wants to become a major exporter, National Business Council (CONEP) president Pedro Brache affirmed Wed.

He said he’s convinced the Dominican Republic has all the conditions to become an exporter of agro and livestock products, but needs to continually improve productivity.

Speaking to receive the “Agribusiness leader of the year” award by the Dominican Agribusiness Board (JAD), Brache called on that sector to continue joint efforts to produce exportable agricultural goods, aware that the main key to success lies in the competitiveness of costs that can be achieved through higher productivity. “Another ingredient that must be improved with much emphasis and conviction to be able to export even more, is world-class quality.”

No plan

Dominican Republic Exports and Investments Center (CEI-RD) director Luis Henry Molina said however that the country lacks a plan to promote exports and attract investments, noting that it works to specifically identify the imports required by the United States.

“We’re working with other Caribbean markets with the Caribbean Table and as soon as next year we will work with the HUB of Santo Domingo to sell products to the Caribbean countries…,we’ll be working soon with the Central America Table and we are also seeing the potential to increase our products to Europe,” the official said.

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