Economy February 16, 2018 | 4:10 pm

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Sustainable mining requires transparency, expert says

Barrick Pueblo Viejo

Dominican Republic.- The head of an influential NGO’s Transparency and Government says in the environmental study to determine the feasibility of mining in the Central Mountain Range, only the organizations not linked to the project should participate and warned that the results must be respected.

Citizen Participation (PC) executive Carlos Pimentel said Fri. that  the country has had various environmental impact studies that recommend nonintervention in a territory, but end up intervened.

“So we have to insist that the study be done, that its entire process be public and with the participation of the Academy [of Sciences of the Dominican Republic … and professionals in the area,” he said.

Pimentel said the project must provide transparent all information.

“A study cannot be done with the involvement of politicians with interests in the exploitation. Neither can it be done with the direct participation of companies that have an interest in exploitation,” he said.

The also member of the Green March movement stressed that citizens need govt. agencies which comply with the law. He railed against the “intentions of favoring economic and multinational groups.”

Sustainable Mining?

Pimentel said if the government wants to talk about ‘sustainable mining it must create a comprehensive mine planning system, covering the Bonao and Cotuí (central) deposits.

“There is no use for” sustainable “practices in San Juan, while in the center of the island, in Cotuí and Bonao, we have actions that are not sustainable and that are open-pit,” he said.

He stressed that the priority should be to protect ecosystems, especially water.

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